With a mix of consumer information and developer news, VRDornado offers up to date news as well as a wealth of information about the technical developments in the VR world, gaming, entertainment, and industry news. There is even a crowdfunding tracker so you can stay current on the latest crowdfunded developments in the industry.
Aimed mostly at consumers, Road to VR is an all-encompassing VR site that brings you news about recent VR industry developments as well as information about VR events, conventions, and links to other sites dedicated to VR including podcasts and gaming sites.
Focuses on the VR gaming world with gaming news, reviews, and previews
In-depth breakdowns on VR projects. Technical news and product announcements
VR World is a great place to get information about the VR world as a whole including hardware and software reviews. It also offers extensive information about the general gaming world as well as stories of how VR is being used in other industries including the military and auto industry.
Has been covering immersive and virtual reality platforms since 2009, and has one of the most complete listings of virtual reality devices and QR Codes on the Internet.
Industry announcements and information
Chinese VR industry news
Reviews and information about games, hardware, apps and entertainment
General information on hardware, games, development, and events
Hardware reviews and information along with VR tech projects
News and info on Oculus Rift games, movie, and entertainment
Information and reviews of VR games and gaming hardware
News and reviews on VR headsets and games for iPhone.
General news about the world of VR hardware and software.
A South African based site that describes 3D, 4D, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Holograms, Haptics, Controllers & Cameras
Interactive photography, immersive imaging and photographic virtual reality
Mobile virtual reality entertainment
Community forum where users stash their VR map locations, all funny panoramic 360 link address directions stashed in one funny place
Video News
Trendolizer is a Virtual Reality news aggregation site. Bringing you a variety of news from all areas of VR including gaming, entertainment, development, hardware and software, there are multiple updates made every day to keep you up to date with the latest goings on in the VR world.