Creates VR content as easy as traditional PowerPoint presentations. Spherical 360° images can be imported and then combined with 3D models, text and alike to form interactive presentations.
3D design app for Mac and PC that lets anyone create Virtual Reality games, experiences, and virtual spaces without writing a single line of code.
Displaying and Interacting with Desktop Apps in VR Displaying traditional desktop applications in virtual reality requires techniques to overcome the limited resolution of current displays while simultaneously taking advantage of the 360 real estate. Interacting with these applications is helped with the use of gestures using the controllers and hands. We'll go over the use of mixed reality for easier keyboard typing when necessary, general safety, and finding things around, such as cables, chairs, and coffee. All techniques described are implemented and available in the commercially available software, called VR Toolbox.
Video Players
VR videos and YouTube 360 player
Specialised Software
The analytics platform for VR. Track things like: • Installs, sessions, active users • Hardware: HMD, computer, GPU, CPU, Ram usage, OS • Performance: “Presence tracker”, FPS • Custom Events • 360° Heatmaps