Once in Los Angeles make it to Technicolor Experience Center

I'm really overwhelmed how good it was there. Basically you can play around with a bunch of VR stuff and talk to researchers on it. You won't find that much info on their website so I'll have to give some explanation to what's going on there. 

They have some really great artistic videos simulated with moving chair that makes movement in VR nausea free. It would be a great starting point who is getting in VR. You can play around with all available VR headsets on the market. They also have Meta AR headset with incredible graphics way overwhelming than HoloLens. You have got haptics suite, smell generator, 360 body scanner and other stuff. It's all Free. Make sure you get an appointment before going there.

Absolutely great place to visit for those just getting into VR. They also have some very interesting youtube channel.

Some few quotes from their press release:

Based in Culver City, California, the Technicolor Experience Center occupies a purpose-built space that enables communities of artists and technologists across teams at Technicolor, as well as partners, to discover and create immersive experiences throughout entertainment, advertising, and other commercial applications.

We are committed to the growth of immersive experiences. Technicolor and two of its most exciting and creative brands, MPC and The Mill, are already making great strides in the VR landscape.

This new frontier has created an exciting exploration of storytelling across a mix of applications:

Documentary-style VR experiences that raise social awareness
Brand extension pieces for companies to help customers experience the brand, not just the product
Marketing pieces that help drive awareness for the latest blockbuster or hot show